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Mercedes-Benz Museum, Germany

Project data

Locatie: Stuttgart, Duitsland

The building concept from the architect Ben van Berkel is a re-invented double-helix, on the basis of which the 3D free-form structures “TWIST” and “MYTH” were developed.

  • ground surface: 3,500 m²
  • building volume: 210,000 m³
  • height: 48 m
  • exhibition surface: 17,000 m²
  • ground-breaking: 09.2003
  • completion of concrete shell: 03.2005
  • opening: 05.2006

Architect: Ben van Berkel


Sophisticated 3D formwork units with the highest demands on the surface quality of the visible concrete surfaces. Due to the enormous size of the components, substantial concrete loads of 150 kN/ m² had to be carried.


  • Ed. Züblin AG, Stuttgart
  • Wolff & Müller GmbH & Co.KG, Stuttgart

Voordelen voor de klant

Very high levels of precision and quality in the execution of the geometry of the individual components using pre-assembled formwork units in an extremely short time.

Poliermannschaft, Mercedes-Benz Museum
The team of supervisors agree

Building this difficult structure under enormous time pressure is a unique achievement. The complicated PERI formwork units could be handled like system formwork and we could achieve qualitatively excellent results. We are proud of the fact that we have accomplished this enormous feat together with PERI.

PERI oplossing

  • planning of the 3D formwork units
  • fabrication of the 3D formwork units using a CNC milling machine
  • pre-assembly of the 3D formwork units in the PERI assembly hall