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Musée Würth, France

Project data

Locatie: Erstein, Frankrijk

Art Museum of two 70 meter long blocks of fairfaced concrete and a central glass auditorium

Construction period: until 2007

Architect: Jacques and Clément Vergély, Lyon


  • smooth concrete surfaces with predetermined formlining and tie pattern
  • high concrete pressure of 120 kN/m² due to SVB utilisation
  • wall heights up to 13.50 m without horizontal concreting joint


Dicker SAS, Barr/Andlau, France

Voordelen voor de klant

  • meeting all fair-faced concrete requirements concerning formlining joints, screw positions and tie points
  • time saved due to logical assembly sequences and detailed utilisation planning
Statement Musée Würth - Serge Bellusso, Foreman
Serge Bellusso

We have been working with PERI formwork for 15 years now and have always achieved good fair-faced concrete results. The systems are easy to understand, and they work and they fit. What is more, when we have specific questions, PERI always offers us proficient answers and solutions immediately. Therefore, for these high walls, we could only imagine to do it with PERI VARIO. The result fully fulfils the ideas of the architect.

PERI oplossing

  • PERI Fin-Ply formlining (non-sucking, coated formlining)
  • formlining with checkerboard-type layout, screwed from the front
  • 14.00 m x 2.50 m large girder support wall formwork elements VARIO GT 24
  • 20 cm girder distance with acceptable concrete pressure of 120kN/m²
  • even tie pattern 1.20 m x 0.85 m
  • fair-faced concrete coupling for continuous tightening of the element joints